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Wrongful Death

Painting A Picture Of A Real Person

Losing your spouse, child or parent in an accident caused by the negligent or reckless driving of another person is an emotional experience. You may want justice or need help covering the bills now that your loved one is gone. A skilled West Hartford, Connecticut, wrongful death lawyer can help you hold the negligent parties accountable and secure compensation for your loss.

The law firm of Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC, provides compassionate counsel and effective pursuit of monetary damages for the economic losses and the impact on the survivors. We handle wrongful death cases in the greater Hartford area and throughout central Connecticut stemming from motorcycle accidents or bicycle accidentscar accidents or truck collisions and other fatal accidents.

Please call our West Hartford, Connecticut, wrongful death attorneys today at 860-881-2719. Early investigation enables us to build the strongest case possible by preserving evidence and talking to witnesses while their memory is fresh.

Building A Case For Full Damages

A wrongful death action seeks compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses and for the person’s projected lost income. The lawsuit also provides for noneconomic damages for pain and suffering of the deceased before succumbing, as well as lost contributions to the family such as love, companionship, parenting and advice, known under the law as consortium.

Scott F. Lewis is an experienced trial lawyer who works to “bring the person to life” for the insurance adjuster or jurors. There are no damages for the survivors’ emotional pain, per se. Through photos, videos and stories of surviving family members and friends, Mr. Lewis seeks to show how the person will be missed in tangible ways. This is especially critical to maximizing damages for the death of a young child or for a retired parent.

Speak With A Skilled Car And Truck Accident Lawyer In New Britain

We understand how difficult this loss has been for you and your family. We will take on the full burden of investigating the accident, initiating legal action and assembling a case for compensation for you.
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