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Traumatic Brain Injury

Even a mild brain injury can be disabling, and a traumatic brain injury may change a life forever. The costs of medical and nursing care can be astronomical. The victim may not be able to hold a job. Simple everyday tasks become difficult or impossible.

The law firm of Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC., has successfully represented victims of motorcycle and bicycle accidents who suffered a brain injury, as well as those who suffered head trauma in a car or truck accident. Call a West Hartford, Connecticut, traumatic brain injury attorney at our firm for a free telephone consultation at 860-881-2719.

Seeking Full Compensation For The Effects Of Brain Injury

In order to build a case for the compensation you need and deserve, the insurance company adjuster or jury members need to see the profound impact and the needs of the victim. Experienced trial lawyer Scott F. Lewis builds a comprehensive picture of the person before and after a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Brain damage often requires ongoing medical treatment, round-the-clock personal care, physical therapy, neuropsychological evaluation, psychological counseling and occupational retraining. A brain injury can affect memory, speech and concentration, preventing the person from returning to the workforce. Depression, mood swings and personality changes are also common. Our West Hartford, Connecticut, traumatic brain injury attorneys will seek compensation that reflects the complete medical and living costs of the injury now and into the future.

People who have suffered a concussion or other head trauma are not always the best witnesses — they may not recall the accident. Mr. Lewis seeks witnesses and works with family members or friends to determine what happened and to demonstrate how the accident has altered the person’s life. He often uses day in the life videos to drive the point home to insurers or jurors.

Free Case Evaluation From A Bristol Head Injury Attorney

For compassionate support and aggressive representation, contact our New Britain TBI law firm, today for help throughout central Connecticut. Early investigation increases our ability to secure full damages, and our West Hartford, Connecticut, traumatic brain injury attorneys ensure that our clients get a full neuropsychological examination to determine the full extent of the brain injury.