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Strong Advocacy After A Back, Neck Or Spinal Cord Injury

Victims of back injuries often don’t get a lot of sympathy. Other people can’t see any outward sign of the searing pain and the limitations on life.

At Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC, our job is to give the insurance adjuster or jury a closer look. We work to bring these “hidden” injuries to the surface through day in the life videos and testimony of doctors, therapists, family and friends.

We represent people who suffer back, neck or spinal cord injury in motorcycle and bicycle accidents, or from auto and truck collisions in the greater Hartford, Connecticut, area. Call today at 860-881-2719 for a free phone consultation.

Making Back Injuries “Real” To Those Who Award Compensation

Scott F. Lewis is a proven personal injury trial lawyer with a knack for recovering damages in these tough cases. He has secured settlements and verdicts for:

  • Paralysis (paraplegia, quadriplegia)
  • Fractured vertebrae
  • Bulging discs
  • Pinched nerves
  • Neck injury
  • Surgical repair (rods, plates, fusions, artificial discs)

A spinal cord injury is of course readily apparent, but even then, the insurance company or jury may not understand the true impact and needs — wheelchairs and special vans, home modifications, personal care, physical therapy and psychological side effects. Family roles are reversed, and the person must find a new way to make a living.

Other back and neck injuries are paralyzing too, if not in the literal sense. Sitting can be excruciating. The slightest wrong move means shooting pain. The person may be unable to bend over or lift anything of moderate weight. They either live in fear of the next episode or suffer silently with constant pain. Surgery carries risks, so it is avoided until the person can’t stand the pain anymore.

Contact an attorney with a demonstrated record of bringing spinal cord and back injury into focus to maximize compensation. Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC, offers a free consultation, including home and hospital visits.