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Injuries Resulting In Road Rash And Disfigurement

Victims of bicycle and motorcycle accidents often suffer multiple injuries. After the crunching impact of striking the car, they suffer further harm when they are thrown, rolling and skidding.

Even at relatively low speed, the rough pavement has a sandpaper effect, tearing away skin and exposing raw nerve endings. Hips, knees, shoulders, back and palms of the hands usually take the brunt of the impact, and injuries to an unprotected skull, scalp or face are common.

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Road Rash — Compensation For A Painful Recovery

There isn’t much that doctors can do. They can wrap and salve the wounds to prevent infections and limit scarring, and prescribe pain medications, but only time will cure road rash abrasions.

There is something your attorney can do. Scott F. Lewis is an experienced personal injury trial lawyer who works to make these injuries real to the insurance adjuster or members of the jury. He uses medical testimony, photos and day in the life videos to get across the constant burning sensation endured for weeks or months, the pain of everyday things like wearing clothes or walking across the room, and agonizing physical therapy to retain a range of motion as the skin repairs itself.

Scars And Disfigurement

Road rash often results in significant scarring. Many motorcycle accident victims suffer facial disfigurement that requires reconstructive surgery. Full compensation covers the medical bills for surgical intervention, the pain and suffering, and the psychological trauma of a changed physical appearance.

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