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Motorcycle And Bicycle Accidents

When motorcycles or bicycles collide with cars, the injuries to the unprotected rider are often horrific or fatal. But sometimes the public perception is that motorcycle riders and bicyclists engage in risky behavior. It takes skill and sound legal strategy to overcome this bias to recover rightful compensation.

Scott F. Lewis is a veteran trial lawyer who has recovered millions of dollars in personal injury and wrongful death claims, including many motorcycle accident and bicycle accident cases. If a family member was seriously injured or killed, contact us immediately at 860-881-2719 for a free consultation. Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC, represents clients in Hartford County and surrounding communities of central Connecticut.

He Rides. He Knows.

Scott F. Lewis is an avid road cyclist and mountain biker who understands the dangers that cyclists and motorcyclists face from auto drivers who fail to account for riders or provide a wide berth. As a trained first responder and former member of the New Mountain Bike Patrol, he is familiar with the typical injuries and medical issues. Having suffered his own share of mountain biking injuries, he is sympathetic to the pain, disruption and disabilities his clients face.

The Devastation Of Motorcycle Accidents And Bike Accidents

Cars are built to crumple in a collision to protect the occupants. In a motorcycle crash or car versus bike accident, the human body absorbs the impact. Then riders are further injured when they are thrown to the pavement or struck by other vehicles.

Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC, has recovered damages for biker and cyclist injuries, including:

Making The Case For Maximum Compensation

Mr. Lewis personally visits the scene to guide the investigation, talk to witnesses and see for himself the crash conditions (position of vehicles, layout of the intersection, traffic patterns). He often uses accident reconstruction experts to trace the negligence, such as tailgating, pulling out, changing lanes, sideswiping or plowing into the bike when turning.

Even when the evidence shows the car driver caused the bike or motorcycle accident, jurors and insurance adjusters want to blame the victim. Mr. Lewis works hard to prove liability and bring to life the real impact of his clients’ medical bills, pain and suffering, and lasting disability.

Free Case Evaluation And Prompt Investigation

For strong, compassionate advocacy by a veteran litigator, contact us today. We can meet clients at our offices in West Hartford or Bristol, or we can come to your home or hospital.