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Holding Distracted Drivers Accountable

It wasn’t that long ago that distracted driving was caused simply by drivers changing the radio station, eating or putting on makeup while driving. Distracted driving accidents were relatively rare. In recent years, cellphone use has increased and has led to an increasing number of serious accidents as drivers text, call and email behind the wheel.

At Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC, we represent clients who have been injured or lost a loved one in accidents caused by distracted driving. Contact our Hartford distracted driving accident attorneys for a free telephone consultation. We can help you fight for full and fair compensation after your accident.

Careful Investigation And Vigorous Representation

Most people do not even realize how dangerous a split second can be on the road. Simply glancing at your phone to check your email, look at a text or answer your phone can lead to devastating accidents and serious injuries to passengers and other drivers.

A key component in any car accident case is diligent investigation of the facts. In cases involving distracted driving, this becomes even more vital. We will investigate cellphone records and collect witness statements. Our New Britain car accident lawyers often consult with accident reconstruction experts to piece together the events that led to your accident, helping to build your personal injury case and pursue the compensation you need and deserve.

Conversely, we can use the same investigative techniques to argue that you were not on your phone when the accident occurred. If you made a call minutes before the accident, it can be difficult to prove the time the accident occurred and that your call was not the cause. Our West Hartford distracted driving attorneys are veteran trial lawyers who will explore every avenue to prove your case and help you secure medical expenses, lost wages, as well as damages for pain and suffering.

A Law Firm With Extensive Personal Injury Experience

With more than 25 years’ experience handling personal injury cases throughout the greater Hartford County area, attorney Scott F. Lewis has built a reputation in central Connecticut for providing skilled and attentive legal services.

Cellphone use, texting and smartphones may be new technology but they present the same personal injury issues we have handled for decades. We have the knowledge, experience and skill to provide formidable personal injury representation in negotiations and in court.

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