Arm and Leg Injuries

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You don’t realize how much you use your fingers, hands, arms and legs until they are immobilized by injury. To receive compensation beyond the medical bills and lost wages, the insurance company must be convinced of the pain and the limitations on your life.

The law firm of Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, L.L.C., is effective at demonstrating the “big picture” of injuries to arms and legs. We represent victims of bicycle and motorcycle accidents who often suffer substantial injuries to their limbs, and people who were injured in car and truck accidents.

We take cases in Hartford County and surrounding communities of central Connecticut. Call us today at for a free phone consultation and prompt investigation.

Maximizing Damages for Arm or Leg Injury

Scott F. Lewis is an accomplished trial lawyer, who received training after college as an insurance adjuster, is an avid cyclist and a trained First Responder. His 28 years of personal injury practice and these insights enable him to build a strong case. He has secured settlements and jury verdicts for all types of injuries to extremities:

  • Severed limbs and surgical amputation
  • Paralysis and nerve damage
  • Broken legs in motorcycle crashes and auto collisions
  • Broken arms from bracing for impact
  • Fractured ankles, femurs, arms, elbows, collarbones
  • Torn rotator cuff and other tendon/ligament damage
  • Road rash, lacerations and scarring

These injuries often require reconstructive surgery with pins and rods, and grueling physical therapy. For many victims, the range of motion and limb strength is never the same after the injury.

Meanwhile, the accident causes great disruption to your life. Because people adapt quickly, most don’t even realize the full impact themselves. Mr. Lewis walks clients through the activities they can no longer enjoy, changes they have made to accommodate the injury, or reliance on others to do things they formerly did independently (like driving a car or changing the bed sheets). His job is to weave a compelling story for the insurance adjuster or jury to win compensation for the overall impact of temporary and permanent disabling arm or leg injuries.

Your Injuries May Be Worse Than You Thought

Seek medical treatment and contact our West Hartford office today to arrange a consultation, including home or hospital visits. Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, L.L.C., is committed to helping you through a difficult time, and we collect no attorney fees unless we are successful in recovering damages.

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