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Solid Legal Counsel For Shared Custody And Relocation Issues

Are you concerned for your shared custody rights and your amount of access to your child? Are you a Connecticut parent who needs to relocate due to remarriage, a military transfer or a business move?

Put your worries aside and enjoy some peace of mind, by hiring an experienced family law attorney. Our team approach to family law matters at Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC can serve as your guide through what can be an emotionally challenging time in your and your family’s life.

We will tell you all you need to know about your shared custody options. If equal access to your child is not possible, you deserve significant visitation time with him or her if you are a noncustodial parent.

We work hard to help people build bridges and workable ways to keep families as close as possible. Your child should enjoy the role that each of you can play in his or her young life.

If you are not receiving the access to your child that you deserve, or want to contest a parental relocation by your former spouse, contact us. Call us today at 866-697-2576.

We can schedule your initial consultation and map a legal strategy toward a fair and acceptable shared custody arrangement.

Questions About Shared Custody? Parental Relocation? We Have Answers.

At Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC, we believe deeply in the best interests of your child. Every move we make, in our family law practice area, is devoted to your child’s happiness.

Our family attorney, Mark J. Ferraro Esq., is here to protect your right to a parental relocation. Our firm can also challenge a custodial parent’s bid to relocate with your child. We offer the kind of comforting legal guidance that helps to take the anger out of issues like these, and replace it with candor, caring and confidentiality.

We insist on an advance notification in relocation controversies. We favor sanctions against those who fail to fully comply with the law. You can count on our law firm for alert, astute protection of your rights at all times.

We invite you to speak with us, freely and fully, in an initial consultation at any of our Connecticut family law offices. You can visit us in West Hartford, Bristol or Stafford Springs.

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