Complex & Contested Divorce

Experienced Legal Help for Your Complex and Contested Divorce

Have your divorce proceedings become contentious, protracted and expensive? Or are you and your spouse unable to agree upon multiple issues that threaten the timely resolution of your divorce?

At Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, L.L.C. we are dedicated to protecting your rights in all complex and contested divorce matters. Whether the sticking point is money, property or access to your children, you can count on our experienced attorneys to work hard for your interests.

We have assisted couples and families in domestic distress for more than 25 years. We are known for thorough investigation, persuasive litigation and the kinds of positive outcomes that fully prepare our clients for life after divorce.

At Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, we see the “big picture.” We identify the issues, prioritize them and execute strategies to accomplish your objectives.

Contact any of our Connecticut law office locations to secure an initial consultation. You may call us toll free at 860-521-1500 or e-mail us.

Decades of Service, Reputation for Results Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, L.L.C.

Ways in which we serve your legal needs in complex and contested divorce include:

High net worth divorce litigation in which substantial assets and property are at stake

Shared custody and parental relocation cases conflicts over scheduled access to a child or a “move away” by a parent for professional, military or remarriage purposes

Parental alienation cases situations in which a child feels compelled to favor a particular parent or be estranged from another

Alimony, child support and financial arrangements fidelity to state support guidelines and factors courts consider in determining support obligations

Division of assets and property issues negotiation of equitable distribution of property, investigation of hidden assets and protection of non-marital assets

DCF substantiation cases aggressive defense of those falsely accused of domestic abuse

When you contact our family law office, Mark J. Ferraro Esq. will listen carefully to the details of your contested divorce concern and put our team approach to work, toward a solution.

We look forward to hearing how we can help.

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