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Will Contests Probate Litigation

If you suspect that a loved one lacked the mental capacity to create or change his or her will, the law firm of Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, L.L.C, provides aggressive representation in probate litigation to restore your rightful inheritance.

Scott F. Lewis is a veteran trial attorney who can represent excluded heirs or the estate in will contests. He practices in Hartford County and surrounding jurisdictions of central Connecticut. Call today at
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Experienced Advocacy In Will Contests

There are two main grounds for challenging the will:

  • Testamentary capacity — The person lacked the mental competence to understand the nature of their assets, what they were signing or who would inherit.
  • Undue influence or duress — A family member or third person convinced the deceased to alter the will, cutting off the inheritance of other heirs or reducing their share.

Often, there is a combination of the above, as the manipulator takes advantage of an elderly person’s mental infirmity or weakened medical condition to subvert the existing will to their own advantage. Sometimes, an estranged son or daughter shows up toward the end and solicits a change of heart, or the adult child who has been the main caretaker feels entitled to a greater share of the assets.

Probate litigation is about understanding the decedent’s true intentions for the disposition of their estate. One problem is Connecticut’s diminished testamentary capacity law, which provides that even with Alzheimer’s, a person can have a moment of lucidity sufficient to execute a will.

Scott F. Lewis is a skilled litigator who brings an extensive understanding of probate law. He handles both will contests and de novo appeals to Superior Court. If he is successful, the recent will is thrown out and the prior will is reinstated — sometimes it is necessary to go back even farther to find a credible testament. He can also take action to track down and retrieve assets that were stolen from the estate before or after your loved one’s death.

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