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Estate And Elder Law

Aging can be a difficult and emotional process, not only for the senior but also for his or her family. Every senior deserves to live out his or her twilight years in comfort and with dignity. However, the high cost of medical care and nursing home residence can leave many families in need of assistance.

At the West Hartford law firm of Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, L.L.C., we understand the strain medical care and nursing home costs can have on you and your family. We work to ease our clients’ concerns and address the issues that affect the elderly here in Connecticut. We provide comprehensive elder law services, including estate planning, asset protection and long-term care planning.

Estate Planning Services

Few things are as tragic as a generation working hard to accumulate wealth that is unable to pass that wealth off to a future generation. Nursing home costs and medical bills can quickly drain all you have worked for if you do not have an estate plan put in place.

Our Connecticut estate and elder law attorneys will work with you to develop a plan to protect your assets for your loved ones and descendants while still providing you with the care and comfort you need as you age. Whether it is the creation of a will, the development of trust or planning for incapacity, we can help you develop a comprehensive estate plan that reflects your wishes for the future.

Title 19, Medicaid And Nursing Home Planning And Litigation

We also help families develop strategies for obtaining Title 19 and Medicaid benefits down the road. Nursing homes typically can cost more than $10,000 a month in Connecticut, an amount few families can afford. Title 19 and Medicaid provide benefits to people who are unable to afford a nursing home and long-term medical care.

Sadly, nursing homes commonly file lawsuits against family members who filled out the paperwork to get their elderly loved one admitted to the home under Title 19. These lawsuits arise if the elderly resident is later found to have been ineligible for Medicaid, at which point the nursing home sues to recover the money it would have received from Medicaid itself. The lawyers of Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro are passionate about representing people in these situations, seeking positive resolutions through the Department of Social Services or through the courts.

Connecticut Probate Attorneys

We represent executors, administrators, trustees, heirs and beneficiaries in probate proceedings in Connecticut. We assist in wrapping up the affairs of an estate, paying final expenses, distributing property and filing tax returns. Should a dispute arise, you can be confident that we will protect your interests in all forms of probate litigation, such as will contests and trust disputes.

Contact Our West Hartford Medicaid Attorneys

To learn more about the services we offer for elderly clients and their families, please schedule a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers. You can reach us at 860-881-2719 or by sending us an email.

We visit clients at home or in the hospital if they are unable to travel to our offices in West Hartford, Bristol or Stafford Springs.