Test to detect concussions approved

| Mar 1, 2018 | Brain Injury |

Concussion issues have been in the news quite a bit over the last few years. Experts in the medical field are learning more about these brain injuries which, contrary to what may have been believed in the past, can have a lasting impact on a person. The good news is that, according to a recent report, a new blood test has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration that helps detect concussions in adults.

The report indicates that the test works by measuring certain proteins that a person’s brain releases into the bloodstream. The newly approved test can be administered almost immediately after a person is suspected of suffered from a concussion – around 15 minutes afterward. Unfortunately, it still takes time to develop the results of the test.

It appears that this new blood test has some astonishingly high levels of success both in detecting concussions and ruling out concussions. In the testing phase, the blood test results were compared to CT scans, which can very easily detect concussions. According to the recent article, the blood test was 97.5 percent effective in detecting concussions. It was even better in ruling out the injury – 99.6 percent effective.

Brain injuries, such as concussions, can occur in a wide variety of accidents, including car accidents. What often makes brain injuries so dangerous for accident victims is that they can be hard to detect – thus leaving a victim with an injury that may not be readily apparent to medical providers. Now, with this new blood test, it will hopefully become much easier to detect these brain injuries in accident victims.

Source: KIRO 7, “FDA approves blood test that can detect concussions,” Fiza Pirani, Feb. 23, 2018

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