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February 2018 Archives

Pursuing the full amount of damages in a wrongful death case

It is unfortunate that families in Connecticut and throughout the country can be devastated by the untimely death of a loved one due to another party's negligence. In many cases, it was a car accident caused by a drunk driver or a driver who was distracted. In other cases, medical malpractice may result in the loved one's death. In whatever the manner in which the accidents are caused, the fact is that these types of fatal incidents are quite frequent in America.

A "preponderance of the evidence" and wrongful death lawsuits

Our readers who are familiar with previous posts here know that wrongful death lawsuits are pursued by the surviving family members of a person who is killed in an accident that was caused by another party's negligence. However, these cases can be notoriously tricky to prove in court. One legal term that any plaintiff in a wrongful death lawsuit will need to become familiar with is "preponderance of the evidence."

What were you like before your serious brain injury?

It isn't always easy to describe a friend or loved one's personality. We all have our "quirks," but our friends and family members who know us best accept us for who we are and enjoy our company. But, when a Connecticut resident suffers a serious brain injury, in most cases, they are never the same person again. Their physical abilities may be limited, their speech may be impacted and their personalities might change drastically.

What are the main issues in a truck accident lawsuit?

Anyone in Connecticut who has witnessed the devastation of a truck accident knows that these are the types of personal injury cases that need to be taken seriously. The victims in these types of accidents oftentimes suffer catastrophic injuries that leave them scarred, disfigured or disabled for life. In the worst cases, fatalities occur.

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