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January 2018 Archives

A lower BAC level may change drunk driving laws in America

It is an unfortunate reality of life in America that, every year, hundreds of people die in car accidents that are caused by drunk drivers. Although government organizations and private entities have, over several decades, attempted to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving, the problem persists. However, according to a recent report, there may soon be a new weapon in the battle against drunk driving: a lower blood alcohol content level under the law.

The various causes of premises liability claims

Most people who are in any way familiar with premises liability law often associate this particular area of the law with the classic "slip-and-fall" scenario. In this type of situation, individuals suffer an injury after they fall on another party's property due to the presence of a dangerous property condition, such as a slippery floor surface. However, this is just one type of scenario that can result in a premises liability claim in Connecticut.

Watching for concussion symptoms after an accident

There have been many news articles over the years about the issue of concussions, mostly because of concerns with football players, particularly in the National Football League. However, football players aren't the only ones who need to be worried about the potential danger of concussions. These serious brain injuries can affect anyone from any walk of life, particularly if they are involved in an accident of some kind, such as a car accident.

The deadly impact of impaired and distracted driving

Over the recent holiday season, many of our readers in Connecticut likely saw news reports about how dangerous drunk driving can be. As a recent article noted, impaired driving is certainly a major concern, as it has been for decades. In fact, as the recent article noted, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 28 people die in America each day due to car accidents that involve impaired driving.

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