Woman and her dog injured when attacked by pit bull

| Dec 13, 2017 | Premises Liability |

When many of our readers think about dog bite attacks that occur in Connecticut or elsewhere, they probably envision visitors to property who are attacked by the property owner’s animal. While that indeed is the case in many instances in which the property owner can be held responsible for the injuries inflicted by the dog, animal owners can also be held legally responsible in other types of situations as well.

For instance, a recent report detailed a pit bull attack on a woman and her own dog that occurred in New London on December 3. The reports indicate that the woman was walking her dog when the pit bull ran up to them and attacked. The pit bull was apparently being walked by its owner when it got loose from the owner’s leash. For the woman, the result was a bite to the hand as she attempted to protect her own dog. She had to be transported for medical care after the attack. Her dog was also injured and reportedly received medical treatment as well.

Fortunately, the attacking dog was impounded while the incident is under investigation. However, for the woman who was injured, there may be a more pressing need to hold the owner of the pit bull legally responsible. In these types of cases – no matter where they occur – it is important to secure evidence, such as photos of the injuries and the contact information for any witnesses who may be able to testify in court.

Dog owners can be held responsible for their animals’ bad conduct even if the attack occurs somewhere besides their own property. In order to hold property owners and dog owners responsible in these types of cases, Connecticut residents will probably need to get a thorough review of their options.

Source: New London Patch, “Pit Bull Attacks Woman And Her Dog: New London Police,” Brian McCready, Dec. 3, 2017

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