Will federal truck driver regulations be a part of your case?

| Dec 28, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

When a truck accident occurs on the roadways of Connecticut, the results can be devastating. We have all seen accidents that shut down roads and highways for hours, causing traffic jams at the most inopportune times. Besides property damage, these accidents can also cause catastrophic injuries for the people involved.

There can be a wide variety of factors involved in a truck accident. In some, weather conditions will be a primary factor. In others, the condition of the vehicles involved, especially the maintenance – or lack thereof – of the semi-truck involved can be an important factor. But, in many truck accident cases, the person behind the wheel of the semi-truck will be the most highly scrutinized aspect of the case.

Will federal truck driver regulations be a part of your case? Well, that depends. If there are allegations that the truck driver violated these regulations, particularly those regarding the amount of time that the driver can spend behind the wheel, the federal regulations will play a huge role in the case.

It is important to understand why federal regulations regarding truck driver hours are in place. They are mainly there to help prevent accidents that are caused by fatigued truck drivers. Many truck drivers face intense pressure from their employers to get a delivery done on time. That may make the driver feel forced to violate federal regulations and drive for longer than allowed. When truck drivers are fatigued behind the wheel of a vehicle that weighs several tons, the results can be devastating.

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