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December 2017 Archives

Will federal truck driver regulations be a part of your case?

When a truck accident occurs on the roadways of Connecticut, the results can be devastating. We have all seen accidents that shut down roads and highways for hours, causing traffic jams at the most inopportune times. Besides property damage, these accidents can also cause catastrophic injuries for the people involved.

Pursuing compensation when you lose a loved one

The vast majority of people have gone through the sorrow and grief of the death of a loved one, but those emotions and experiences can be complicated immensely when the circumstances of the death are not natural. If the death of a loved one was caused by the negligent or reckless acts of another party, the family members who are left behind are usually struggling to come up with answers for why this had to happen and what could have prevented it.

Woman and her dog injured when attacked by pit bull

When many of our readers think about dog bite attacks that occur in Connecticut or elsewhere, they probably envision visitors to property who are attacked by the property owner's animal. While that indeed is the case in many instances in which the property owner can be held responsible for the injuries inflicted by the dog, animal owners can also be held legally responsible in other types of situations as well.

Living with a spinal cord injury after a motorcycle accident

Connecticut residents who are injured in motorcycle accidents may be facing the prospect of living with serious disabilities, either short-term or for the rest of their lives. Motorcycle accidents are notorious for the level of damage and harm that can be caused to the motorcyclist and any passengers, while the driver and passengers in the other vehicles involved are protected within the vehicle. Of all the different types of injuries that a motorcyclist in Connecticut can suffer, a spinal cord injury can be one of the most severe.

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