Understanding the different types of guests on private property

| Jul 6, 2017 | Premises Liability |

All property owners throughout the state of Connecticut have certain duties with regards to the safety of others on their land. This means that they must be mindful of potential safety hazards and take proactive measures to properly warn guests or even trespassers of such warnings. Much of this depends on the status of the person who is on the private property.

An invitee is, as the title suggests, is one who is willingly given permission to be on the land. A licensee is someone who is granted permission to be on the land, often by invitation. This often includes guests of the property owner such as family or friends. An invitee is someone who is on the land often for a business or mutually beneficial reason. This could include a customer inside of a store. The difference between an invitee versus licensee often stems on whether the person was offered an invitation to be on the land, versus simply permission to be on the land.

Although trespassers may be on land illegally without authorization, a land owner may not intentionally harm a trespasser, such as setting up a trap. Once the trespasser is known to be on the property, the land owner must exercise due care. This duty can be revoked however if the trespasser is engaged in dangerous activity.

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, understanding the laws regarding premises liability could help you determine whether you could be entitled to compensation for your injury. The process of filing a claim is not easy, and many find that working with a personal injury attorney to be very helpful in filing a claim and ultimately coming to a desirable outcome. Any type of dangerous property conditions could lead to an accident and injuries to a victim. Knowing what to do following your injury is important in obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Source: Connecticut General Assembly, “Trespassers, Invitees, and Licensees on Private Property,” Christopher Reinhart, March 27, 2002

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