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July 2017 Archives

Motorcyclist suffers catastrophic injuries in collision

In collisions between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle, there is an extremely high chance that the motorcyclist and any passengers will suffer much more serious injuries than the driver and any passengers in the other vehicle. According to a recent report, just such a scenario occurred in nearby Hebron, Connecticut.

Distracted or negligent drivers can cause motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists in Connecticut wait through the long winter months for a chance to get on the roads when the weather improves. The summer months are motorcycle months, and our readers have probably noticed an increase in the number of motorcycles on the roads in Connecticut over the last several weeks. However, there are dangers that motorcyclists need to be aware of when they hit the road, foremost of which is the danger presented by other vehicles.

How to approach your complex truck accident claim

The aftermath of a "fender bender" isn't too complex: the parties exchange insurance information and the costs to fix any damage that occurred to the vehicles is covered by an insurance claim. However, accidents that involve more extensive damage, injuries and even fatalities will be much more complex. This is oftentimes the case in truck accidents involving semi-trucks and passenger vehicles.

Understanding the different types of guests on private property

All property owners throughout the state of Connecticut have certain duties with regards to the safety of others on their land. This means that they must be mindful of potential safety hazards and take proactive measures to properly warn guests or even trespassers of such warnings. Much of this depends on the status of the person who is on the private property.

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