The different types and levels of brain injuries

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Being involved in any type of accident can be scary and emotional. Whether it is a car accident, work accident or a slip-and-fall, residents in Connecticut and elsewhere can be severely impacted by these incidents. This is especially true if the accident caused head trauma. An injury to the brain could leave a victim with serious side effects, even causing temporary or permanent damage.

There are various types of brain injuries, and depending on the location of the injury in the brain and the severity of the injury, a victim could suffer a traumatic brain injury that affects the victim for the rest of his or her life.

On the other hand, a victim could suffer a concussion. While this is considered the lowest level of brain injury, a concussion can still cause a substantial amount of difficulties and impairments. In some cases, these could last a lifetime. A concussion is caused by a direct blow to the head. This could also be from a gunshot wound, the violent shaking of the head or the force from a whiplash injury.

A contusion, which is a bruise or the bleeding of the brain, can be caused by direct impact on the head. If it is large, a contusion may need to be removed surgically. Diffuse axonal, which is the extensive tearing of nerve tissues throughout the brain, can be the result of shaking or strong rotations of the head.

A penetration injury can be a serious brain injury. This occurs when a foreign object, such as a bullet, knife or other sharp item, enters the brain. This force of entry causes hair, skin, and fragments of the object to also enter the brain. This could cause serious and irreparable damage to the brain.

Suffering a traumatic injury, whether it is mild, moderate or severe, can be life altering. It can require a victim to need ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation and surgeries. Such a situation can become costly; however, if another party caused the accident that resulted in a brain injury, a victim might have recourses. A personal injury claim could help the victim hold a negligent party liable and recover compensation for medical bills, losses and other damages.

Source:, “Types and Levels of Brain Injury,” accessed April 30, 2017

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