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Being involved in an accident can be life altering. Even though a victim survived the incident, it is possible that the injuries suffered in the crash will alter his or her life forever. One serious injury is a traumatic brain injury. When an accident victim experiences head trauma, this could generate long-term disabilities, make it difficult to maintain a normal life or even care for him or herself.

At Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, L.L.C., our experienced attorneys understand what a tragedy a brain injury can be. Victims and their loved ones are greatly impacted and it is likely difficult to obtain all necessary medical care, rehabilitation needs and financial resources. Thus, we are dedicated to helping Connecticut residents understand their rights following a serious accident that results in a TBI.

No matter the severity of the head injury, a victim will require some form of medical care. Even when a brain injury is classified as mild, this is likely to cause months of medical treatment. Additionally, even mild TBIs can cause memory and cognitive issues, making it challenging for a victim to return to his or her normal life. With regards to more severe TBIs, victims will require a more intense recovery process. This can even include round-the-clock care, various treatments, surgeries and ongoing rehabilitation. Even with these various forms of medical treatments, victims may take several months or even years to show much progress.

Because a TBI requires much medical treatment, a brain injury victim is likely concerned about costs surrounding their recovery process. If a negligent party was the cause of the accident that resulted in the TBI, it is possible to seek compensation. This could address any medical bills, losses and damages related to the incident.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s brain injury website. While it is a survivable injury, it is a serious injury to suffer. Many victims need much time and care to recovery from such a severe injury. Thus, it is important to understand what options and recourses are available following such a tragic event.

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