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April 2017 Archives

Helping you recover recourses following a brain injury

Being involved in an accident can be life altering. Even though a victim survived the incident, it is possible that the injuries suffered in the crash will alter his or her life forever. One serious injury is a traumatic brain injury. When an accident victim experiences head trauma, this could generate long-term disabilities, make it difficult to maintain a normal life or even care for him or herself.

Girls playing sports see higher rate of brain injury than boys

Participating in an organized sport can greatly benefit children in Hartford. Organized sports encourage teamwork, good sportsmanship and physical fitness, all qualities that parents want to see their children develop. Of course, parents also expect that their child will be safe while playing an organized sport. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

Connecticut man reaches $400,000 settlement in slip-and-fall suit

When a person in Connecticut thinks of a slip-and-fall accident, they may initially imagine a spill on a grocery store floor or an icy sidewalk in the wintertime. However, slip-and-fall accidents can take place just about anywhere. Once slip-and-fall accident that recently reached a settlement four years after the incident occurred took place in a laundromat.

Hartford attorneys are ready to take on premises liability cases

When a person in Hartford is injured on another person's property, he or she may have many unanswered questions. Could the incident have been prevented? Why wasn't that broken step fixed? Why wasn't that spill mopped up? Why wasn't that dangerous animal chained? Why was that parking lot so dark when I was attacked? Finally, what may be the most difficult question a person may want answered is, "How am I going to cope with the medical bills and other losses I suffered due to my injury?"

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