How do federal regulations impact truck accident injury claims?

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Scarily enough, truck accident injury can befall innocent Hartford residents at any time. While most commercial trucks travel to and from their destinations without serious issue, some do not arrive as planned. On their routes, truck accidents sometimes interrupt their journeys and the lives of others on the road. Truck accident injury can be serious since commercial trucks are large, heavy, and can quickly lose control and endanger other drivers on Connecticut roads.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident involving a commercial truck, there are regulations that apply only to commercial trucks of which you would otherwise be unaware. If not injured in a truck accident, these regulations may not matter to you, but when you or a loved one has suffered injury due to a collision with a commercial truck, these regulations can become very important. Federal regulations apply to commercial vehicles due to their often interstate travel and necessity to comply with federal safety regulations.

Federal regulations pertaining to commercial trucks, truck drivers and truck companies, regulate details as specific as day-to-day operations of a commercial trucks. For example, truck drivers are required by law to maintain trucking logs that detail their activities, both personal and with regard to the maintenance of the rig itself. This is to ensure that they are operating within regulation for their own, and the public’s safety. These trucking logs can give clues as to factors that may have contributed to truck accident injury.

A full investigation can help to bring these factors to light. This is important for those who have been injured in a truck accident injury. Proving fault can be aided by determining certain activities of the alleged negligent parties. Federal regulations can help those injured to determine who, in fact, is negligent for truck accident injury.

Source:, “Truck Accident Law: What you need to know,” Accessed February 20, 2017

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