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January 2017 Archives

Animal attacks can lead to catastrophic injuries

Although considered "man's best friend" and beloved by their owner, dogs are animals, and animals for the most part cannot be fully trusted. Even a trusted breed of dog has certain defense instincts, which might be triggered in a time of stress or a perceived threat.

Is Apple's Facetime to blame for child's death?

Advanced technology and the use of smartphones, tablets and thousands of apps has made it easier for family and friends to connect with one another, but there are also some instances when this technology can be a detriment. Most Americans are aware or have been reminded of the dangers of texting and driving. In fact, many highways and interstates throughout the United States have specifically designated pull off parking lot areas as "Text Areas," as opposed to their previous title, "Rest Areas," to remind drivers not to text and drive.

The strength and vulnerability of the brain

Our readers in Connecticut probably know that the brain is the most complex part of a person's body. Scientists and doctors are still baffled at its complexity and its ability to perform all of the tasks we take for granted on a daily basis. Thankfully, in most organisms with brains, the brains are well protected. For humans, we have an incredibly resilient and strong skull to protect the brain. But, that does not mean that the brain is completely invulnerable to injury. Any impact to the head can still cause a brain injury.

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