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December 2016 Archives

Roads on New Year's Eve pose additional risks

On New Year's Eve millions of Americans throughout the country are out celebrating the potential of a wondrous happy, healthy and successful new year, and either wishing a happy sendoff or "good riddance" to the year 2016. Whether you are celebrating the new year out with family and friends for dinner and drinks, or at a nightclub or concert, or even a local party, it is important to understand the risks associated with driving under the influence.

Who is responsible for an accident on someone's property?

Although the winter months bring about some positives for many Americans, such as the beauty of a snowfall, the enjoyment of skiing, sleigh riding, ice skating and other recreational activities, as well as the joys associated with the holiday season, the cold weather also brings out new risks for those who go outdoors. Among them are slippery conditions caused by snow and ice on sidewalks, which can lead to the significant potential of slip and fall accidents.

An inside look at brain injuries

One of the most important and certainly the most complex organ in the human body is the brain. Any blow or impact with the head could lead to a brain injury. Serious brain injuries, often called traumatic brain injuries or TBI's, can lead to temporary or even permanent disabilities to the victim. Severe brain injuries can even lead to brain damage, a coma, or even death.

Connecticut residents should always be mindful of motorcycles

Winter is here and temperatures have dropped since the mild fall we enjoyed in Connecticut. The last thing on most drivers' minds is the thought of motorcycles on the road. But, motorcyclists' passion for the road sometimes cannot be stopped by cold weather. There are always a few passionate souls out there on two wheels no matter what the temperature is.

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