Multiple injuries and 1 fatality when car hits motorcycles

| Nov 23, 2016 | Uncategorized |


Motorcycles are at a significant disadvantage on the roads when it comes to safety. For motorcycle riders, hazards that are taken for granted by automobiles such as potholes, gravel, and inclement weather can become serious or even deadly. But even for motorcycle riders who take the most extreme of precautions on the road are still vulnerable to other vehicles on the road. And when it comes to an accident between a motorcycle and an automobile, the motorcyclist is at an extreme disadvantage.

This unfortunate reality came to light last week in a tragic accident when a car swerved to avoid one motorcycle merging into traffic instead crashed into oncoming traffic, a group of 18 motorcyclists. The car struck at least five other motorcycles, leaving multiple injuries and one fatality. A passenger on the first motorcycle that was hit was sent do Charlotte Hungerford Hospital but died from her injuries. The rider of the motorcycle was airlifted to Hartford Hospital and remains in critical condition at the time of this article. 


An additional motorcyclist was sent to Hartford Hospital with serious injuries including a severe leg injury that may result in an amputated foot. There were minor injuries to at least three other motorcyclists who were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

It is crucial for anyone on the road, whether in a car, truck, or motorcycle, to exercise caution on the road and be on the lookout for motorcycles. For the victims in this tragic accident, it was not any action or negligence on their own part, but the results were still devastating for many. If you have been involved in a motorcycle and car collision, you may want to speak with a  law professional to see whether you are eligible for possible compensation for your injuries.

Source: newstimes, “Car swerves into motorcycles, in dead, several injured,” Oct. 27, 2016

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