How can I diagnose a brain injury?

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The reality of life is that accidents happen. And considering the vulnerability of a person’s head when it comes to an injury, whether it was a car or motorcycle accident, a construction accident or a slip and fall, head injuries, including serious brain injuries, commonly known as traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs are not uncommon. Brain injuries occur when the head has a sudden impact or trauma, which causes damage to the brain. Depending on the force of the hit and the location of the impact, the severity of a brain injury may vary significantly.

Hartford residents may not be aware that the signs and symptoms of a brain injury are varied as every injury is unique. They may range from a slight concussion with a minor headache or dizziness, to more serious symptoms such as a significant headache, nausea and for severe cases even temporary unconsciousness, amnesia or long term coma.

Traumatic brain injury victims may also experience long-term effects such as blurred vision, loss or changes to senses such as smell or taste, and personality changes including but not limited to depression, mood swings, anxiety and confusion.

Depending on the cause, victims of traumatic brain injuries may be entitled to compensation for a loss of work, medical expenses and rehabilitation costs, as well as pain and suffering. Whether it was a car, truck, bicycle or motorcycle accident or property liability due to a property owner’s negligence following a slip and fall accident, the victim may want to speak with a law professional with personal injury claims to see whether they can pursue compensation for their injury and pain and suffering.

Source: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “NINDS, Traumatic Brain Injury Information,” Accessed on Nov. 15, 2016

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