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November 2016 Archives

Suspect arrested in connection with fatal car accident

A recent car chase and subsequent accident left a 4-year-child dead in Bradford, Connecticut. The incident began when a 2016 Toyota Corolla was pulled over on I-95 north for driving without headlights on. The car, it turned out, driven by an 18-year-old with five other passengers, was stolen, and the driver tried to escape. The police began the pursuit of the car, following it until it collided with a Honda Element near the exit 5 exit ramp near Rt 1. The driver attempted to escape on foot, but was captured in the woods near the scene of the crash.

Who is responsible for an animal attack?

Dogs have always been labelled as "man's best friend," and for good reason. Americans throughout the country take exceptional pride in their pets, and value dogs as much as anything. But, not all animals are safe. While some breeds of dogs have labels of being possibly aggressive, warranted or not, it is possible that a dog not appropriately trained, neglected or even trained to fight may attack a person.

How can I diagnose a brain injury?

The reality of life is that accidents happen. And considering the vulnerability of a person's head when it comes to an injury, whether it was a car or motorcycle accident, a construction accident or a slip and fall, head injuries, including serious brain injuries, commonly known as traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs are not uncommon. Brain injuries occur when the head has a sudden impact or trauma, which causes damage to the brain. Depending on the force of the hit and the location of the impact, the severity of a brain injury may vary significantly.

How can landowners protect themselves from premises liability

Winter is nearly here, and anyone who has lived in the northeast, including Connecticut, through a winter knows that brutally cold weather such as snow, sleet and ice storms can create hazardous conditions for anyone outdoors, whether thet are in a car or even just walking the streets or sidewalks. During these winter months, it is especially important for property owners to be mindful of potentially hazardous conditions and make every effort to ensure that precautions have been made to minimize the likelihood of an accident.

Trucks on the road are especially vulnerable to accidents

Drivers of traditional motor vehicles such as cars, minivans and SUVs may overlook the special conditions that truck drivers face while on the roads. Due to their sheer size and weight, it is not uncommon for serious injuries or even death to occur for those involved in a truck accident. Knowing and understanding the special inherent dangers that trucks face on the roads can help protect one from the possibility of a serious or fatal truck accident.

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