What are some common dangerous driving behaviors?

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Most good drivers know how to drive. They know that they must always drive defensively and practice good driving behaviors in order to prevent a car accident. They have a keen sense of what they should and shouldn’t do and they make sure that their senses are properly attuned while driving. They may also know that there are dangerous driving behaviors that must be avoided at all costs. But what are some of the most common dangerous driving behaviors?

Lane blocking and tailgating are two dangerous driving conditions that must be avoided at all times. Lane blocking occurs when one driver stays in the far left lane of a highway and drives below the speed limit thereby preventing other cars from passing. Tailgating happens when one car drives extremely close to the car in front of them. Sometimes tailgating can develop due to lane blocking. However, both of these conditions are hazardous and have caused many fatal car accidents.

Using a horn improperly can also be dangerous. A horn should always be used sparingly and never in an aggressive manner. When a driver needs to get another driver’s attention, he or she needs to tap their horn lightly several times in order to alert them. And they should never use a horn in order to get the attention of a pedestrian. That’s because any motorist in front of the driver may think that the driver is honking at them. Also a driver shouldn’t blow their horn at the driver in front of them as soon as a red light turns green. Repeated honking has led to incidents of violence as well as fatal accidents.

In areas where right on red is allowed, drivers who aren’t turning right should avoid staying in that lane. However, any Connecticut motorist who was involved in an accident with another motorist may want to speak to a personal injury attorney in order to find out if the accident may have been caused by a dangerous driving behavior.

Source: ct.gov/dmv, “Driver’s manual,” Accessed Sep. 4, 2016

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