Additional common dangerous driving behaviors

| Sep 29, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Several weeks ago this blog looked at several dangerous driving behaviors that are, unfortunately, quite common on the roads of Connecticut. These behaviors included lane blocking and tailgating. In an effort to emphasize safe driving and reduce fatal car accidents, this week’s blog will look at additional dangerous driving behaviors that are practiced on local roadways.

Another common hazardous driving practice that many Connecticut motorists have experienced firsthand is when a driver changes lanes suddenly without first using their turn signal. This practice is extremely unsafe because the sudden lane shift comes as a surprise to all of the traffic behind the shifting vehicle. It can be responsible for fatal accidents by causing another driver to slam on their brakes and change lanes without looking in their mirrors to see if they are clear to do so.

Parking a vehicle improperly is also a dangerous practice. Motorists should never take more than one parking space since this behavior can make another driver angry. The angry driver could then choose to damage the vehicle taking up more than one space in an effort to ‘get even.’ Motorists should also never park in a handicapped parking space, even if it’s only for a few minutes. That few minutes may be enough time to deny a true handicapped person a proper place to park. Drivers should also look at all of their mirrors when backing into a parking space so they don’t strike a vehicle that may be behind them.

Motorists should also never gesture to another driver as these gestures may be interpreted as obscene. However, any Connecticut motorist who was involved in an accident with another motorist may want to speak to a personal injury attorney in order to find out if the accident may have been caused by a dangerous driving behavior.

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