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September 2016 Archives

Additional common dangerous driving behaviors

Several weeks ago this blog looked at several dangerous driving behaviors that are, unfortunately, quite common on the roads of Connecticut. These behaviors included lane blocking and tailgating. In an effort to emphasize safe driving and reduce fatal car accidents, this week's blog will look at additional dangerous driving behaviors that are practiced on local roadways.

What tips can help motorists share the road with large trucks?

Motorists know that sharing the road with a large tractor trailer can be an unsettling experience. That's because these behemoths can sometimes seem to come out of nowhere and suddenly fill up a driver's rear view mirror. But it's important to remember that drivers need to share the road with these vehicles so they should employ some basic techniques that can help prevent truck accidents. So here are a few steps motorists should follow when sharing the road with large trucks.

What are the two basic types of brain injuries?

Many Connecticut residents have seen a friend or close relative accidentally bump their head at one time or another. Their immediate reaction is usually to run over and make sure that they're okay. And while there are usually no long term effects from these minor bruises, they serve to remind us of the potential dangers of a brain injury. But are all brain injuries the same or is there more than one type?

What are some common dangerous driving behaviors?

Most good drivers know how to drive. They know that they must always drive defensively and practice good driving behaviors in order to prevent a car accident. They have a keen sense of what they should and shouldn't do and they make sure that their senses are properly attuned while driving. They may also know that there are dangerous driving behaviors that must be avoided at all costs. But what are some of the most common dangerous driving behaviors?

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