What steps can truck drivers take to help avoid accidents?

| Aug 10, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Most drivers in Connecticut know that they need to drive cautiously when they are near large 18-wheel trucks. They know that they should slow down and stay to the right when a large truck legally passes them and they also know to give the truck driver enough room to change lanes. Routinely practicing these steps is one way to avoid accidents that can cause serious injuries. But what about truck drivers? What steps can they take with motorists in order help prevent truck accidents?One step truck drivers can routinely practice is to double check their mirrors before they make right handed turns. This is important because automotive drivers who are driving alongside of them may not know that the truck driver wants to make a right turn. Most 18-wheelers have to swing to the left before making a right-hand turn. Repeatedly checking their mirrors will alert them that there are motorists near them who may not be aware of their intentions.

Another tip that truck drivers should practice is to leave extra space between themselves and the other motorists around them. Truckers need to do this simply because most automobile drivers don’t realize how much space an 18-wheeler needs to stop. Leaving that extra amount of space can mean all the difference between an accident and a non-event.

Truckers should also refrain from tailgating other drivers on the road since this can make drivers very uneasy. Any Connecticut resident who has been injured in an accident with a large truck may want to get more information in order to determine if there are legal avenues that should be explored.

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