Important safety regulations for bicyclists who ride on roadways

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Riding a bicycle can be one of the best ways to enjoy the summer months. The combination of bright sun, warm breezes and fresh air can be energizing. But since many cyclists ride on state roads, there is always a chance of a bicycle accident. Therefore, motorists and cyclists need to watch out for each other while they are on the road. So here are some tips that bicyclists should always follow when they are on the road.It’s important to remember that motorists and cyclists in Connecticut are subject to the same laws when they are on the road. They must obey all traffic signs and use proper signaling when turning and stopping. But unlike a motorist in a vehicle, a bicyclist must always wear a helmet that fits correctly. According to statistics, nearly three quarters of fatal bicycle accidents involve head injuries, so it’s important to make sure that a bicycle helmet fits properly. It should never sit more than two fingers length above a cyclist’s forehead.

Cyclists also need to be sure that their bicycles are safe. That means that they should make sure that their bicycle’s tires are inflated to the correct pressure and that their brakes function properly. They should also check their handlebars and seats to make sure that they are properly adjusted.

Once on the road, there are some basic rules that cyclists must follow. These include riding on the right side of the road with the flow of traffic and staying as far to the right as possible. Cyclists also should not ride more than two bicycles side by side since that might impede automotive traffic. They should also form a single line to allow motorists to pass if necessary.

Cyclists should also always make themselves visible to motorists by wearing bright clothes and having a white front light and a red back light on their bicycles. However, any Connecticut cyclist who was involved in a bicycle accident with a motorist may want to speak to a personal injury attorney in order to determine if negligence from the other party played a role in the accident.

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