Injuries continue to rise as a result of smartphone game

| Jul 21, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Connecticut residents know that applications and games for their smartphones are supposed to make their lives easier and more fun. From calling up the correct bus schedules, to finding out the correct movie start times, these applications are designed to help people with their everyday needs. But, smartphone apps and games are not supposed to lead to injuries for their users. Recent reports, however, indicate that this is precisely the unintentional result for one popular new smartphone game.

“Pokémon Go,” a smartphone game that was released earlier this month, uses GPS technology so a player can find “Pokémon monsters” outdoors, right in their own neighborhoods. It has become a nationwide phenomenon among smartphone users. However, one of the side effects of the game has been a rising number of injuries, including some slip and fall accidents among their users. Within several days of the game’s public release, users began reports of accidents and injuries they suffered while playing the game outdoors.

The number of injuries has prompted several institutions and colleges to issue warnings about playing the game. A medical school in Arizona even went so far as to send out a message to its residents warning them about playing the game outdoors. The message reminded players to look up from the game in order to avoid tripping or running into people or things. Niantic, the game’s creator, has also reminded players to remain vigilant about their surroundings while playing the game. There is no doubt that eventually a personal injury lawsuit will result from some connection to this new smartphone game.

Source:, “Pokemon Go’s unexpected side effect: injuries“, July 10, 2016

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