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July 2016 Archives

Tips that can help prevent a summertime motorcycle accident

Statistics indicate that there are far more motorcycles on the road during the summer months than at any other time of the year. However, the warm weather can also mean an increased chance for an accident. But, there are tips motorcyclists can follow in order to reduce their chance of a motorcycle collision during the summer.

Injuries continue to rise as a result of smartphone game

Connecticut residents know that applications and games for their smartphones are supposed to make their lives easier and more fun. From calling up the correct bus schedules, to finding out the correct movie start times, these applications are designed to help people with their everyday needs. But, smartphone apps and games are not supposed to lead to injuries for their users. Recent reports, however, indicate that this is precisely the unintentional result for one popular new smartphone game.

Consumer safety commission orders recall of 500,000 hoverboards

Many Connecticut residents know that the latent potential dangers of a consumer device may not be discovered until many months after it has been on the market. When these deficiencies are finally revealed, many consumers may have already been seriously injured. Government agencies then may have no choice but to investigate and order a massive recall of the product in order to protect lives and property. Recently, the manufacturers of one very popular consumer riding device are now facing this exact situation.

Factors that can lead to increased summertime auto accidents

The summer months usually bring people out of their homes and into their local surroundings. They may take more walks in the park and more bike rides, and they may also travel more and go on vacation. The summer months also mean an increase in the number of fatal accidents on the road. Here are some factors that are unique to the summer months that can lead to a fatal car crash.

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