What safety measures can prevent accidental pool drownings?

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A swimming pool can be a wonderful addition to a home. It can provide fun activities for people of all ages as well as a place to cool off from the summer heat. However, swimming pools also present a potential premises liability situation for the homeowner. Statistics indicate that drowning is the second leading cause of accidental injury-related deaths for children under the age of 14. What steps can a homeowner take to help prevent an accidental pool drowning?

One of the most common situations that can lead to an accidental drowning death in a pool is a lack of adult supervision. Young children can drown in only inches of water and in the amount of time it takes to run into the house and answer a phone call. And babies can drown in wading pools and even buckets of water. It’s imperative that a responsible adult remain in the pool area in order to prevent this from happening.

Another method that can help prevent accidental drownings is to make sure that the pool area is outfitted with an audible alarm that activates whenever the entrance to the pool is opened. By using this device, anyone in the pool owner’s home will be notified if someone enters the pool area. The device can have a deactivation switch or code that would allow an adult to enter the area without sounding the alarm. The alarm should also be placed on the door at a height of around four and a half feet.

Installing a five foot safety fence around the pool area is also mandatory for pool owners and can help prevent a drowning or other type of accident. Any Connecticut home owner who has a pool may want to get more information in order to discover additional tips that can help prevent an accidental drowning.

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