Typical safety equipment that should be a part of every boat

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For many Connecticut residents, boating is an integral part of their summertime fun. However, it’s very important for boaters to make sure that their boat is equipped with the right safety devices. So, here is a brief list of boat safety equipment required by Connecticut law that may be able to help prevent fatal accidents.

The first and most important piece of safety equipment required on every boat is life jackets. According to state law, there must be a wearable life jacket for each person who is onboard. These jackets must be easily accessible and they must also fit properly on each person. All jackets onboard must be a type that has been approved by the US Coast Guard and they must all be in serviceable condition. A child under the age of three must wear a life jacket at all times when they are on deck. They may only take the jacket off if they are below deck in an enclosed area.

If a Connecticut boater is sailing on either Long Island Sound or Fishers Island Sound, then state law indicates that they must also have on board visual distress signals that can be used to visually call for help. VDSs are required for all sailboats that do not have any type of motor. They are also mandatory equipment on all boats that are smaller than 16 feet. VDS devices need to be approved by the US Coast Guard. Typical approved VDSs include red flares, which can be either handheld or aerial types, and hand held or aerial orange smoke devices.

Motorboats that are larger than 26 feet must also have a B-1 type fire extinguisher aboard as a safety feature. However, any Connecticut resident who may have been injured in a boating accident may want to speak get more information about personal injury lawsuits in order to find out if negligence played a part in their accident.

Source: ct.gov, “Boating safety equipment“, Accessed June 17, 2016

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