Motorcycle accident statistics show fewer deaths in Connecticut

| Jun 2, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Keeping track of the statistics of how often a motorcycle accident occurs can be beneficial when trying to determine how and why they happen and preventing them. Recent studies have shown that while the number of people killed in a fatal motorcycle crash rose from 2014 to 2015, Connecticut was one of the states across the nation that had a reduction in the number of deaths. This information comes from preliminary data. This research states that there were more than 5,000 people who died in a motorcycle accident in 2015. That is an increase of around 450 from the prior year. In Connecticut, however, the number fell to 45 – a decrease of nine.

Another study from Connecticut had a higher number than the other study, with 51 deaths, but that is still a reduction. According to a doctor who runs a hospital emergency department in the state, the reduction was evident in the number of people who came to the hospital with injuries from a motorcycle collision. Law enforcement has also noticed the drop in fatalities as well as the reduction in motorcycle accidents overall.

Although these numbers are encouraging for those who ride motorcycles in the state, it does not automatically mean that these motorcycle crashes are no longer a danger. Even with the reduction in fatalities and accidents, the number of people who were killed in a motorcycle accident accounted for 22 percent of all deaths in traffic accidents in the state. That is a higher number than the U.S. average of 14 percent. Other hospital personnel say that they still get a large number of motorcycle accidents due in part to the law that does not require people age 18 and over to wear a helmet when riding.

These numbers can give unwarranted confidence to those who ride motorcycles, but the reality is that the negligence of other drivers can still lead to catastrophic injuries and death. Those who have been involved in a motorcycle collision and were seriously injured or have lost a loved one in a fatal motorcycle crash may need to get more information about their legal options.

Source:, “Fatal motorcycle crashes up nationwide, down in Connecticut,” Amanda Cuda, May 19, 2016

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