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June 2016 Archives

Is there more than one kind of diffuse brain injury?

Traumatic brain injuries are extremely dangerous and can be very debilitating. That's because a TBI can have an effect on every aspect of a person's health. Any TBI that involves very specific areas of the brain is known as a focal brain injury, while a TBI that involves the entire brain is known as a diffuse brain injury. Just like focal brain injuries, diffuse brain injuries can fall into different types. But, how many kinds of diffuse brain injury are there?

Typical safety equipment that should be a part of every boat

For many Connecticut residents, boating is an integral part of their summertime fun. However, it's very important for boaters to make sure that their boat is equipped with the right safety devices. So, here is a brief list of boat safety equipment required by Connecticut law that may be able to help prevent fatal accidents.

What safety measures can prevent accidental pool drownings?

A swimming pool can be a wonderful addition to a home. It can provide fun activities for people of all ages as well as a place to cool off from the summer heat. However, swimming pools also present a potential premises liability situation for the homeowner. Statistics indicate that drowning is the second leading cause of accidental injury-related deaths for children under the age of 14. What steps can a homeowner take to help prevent an accidental pool drowning?

Study examines distracted teens and fatal accidents

Driving an automobile is a skill that constantly requires vigilant attention. Most drivers in Connecticut know that a mere moment's distraction can result in a fatal accident. Teenage drivers, however, do not yet have the benefit of years of driving experience, which places them at a higher risk of an accident simply because many do not yet realize the dangers of distracted driving. Recently, the American Automobile Association revealed the results of a follow-up study about this very topic.

Motorcycle accident statistics show fewer deaths in Connecticut

Keeping track of the statistics of how often a motorcycle accident occurs can be beneficial when trying to determine how and why they happen and preventing them. Recent studies have shown that while the number of people killed in a fatal motorcycle crash rose from 2014 to 2015, Connecticut was one of the states across the nation that had a reduction in the number of deaths. This information comes from preliminary data. This research states that there were more than 5,000 people who died in a motorcycle accident in 2015. That is an increase of around 450 from the prior year. In Connecticut, however, the number fell to 45 - a decrease of nine.

Motorbike driver killed after collision with small truck

Motorbikes are designed for speed and speed only. Lacking many of the accessories of traditional motorcycles, these race style bikes are not designed to withstand an impact from a truck or automobile. However, certain circumstances can still bring these two types of vehicles close to each other. Unfortunately, a recent incident between a motorbike and a light truck has cost a Connecticut man his life.

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