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May 2016 Archives

Connecticut woman killed in crash with dump truck

Construction vehicles such as dump trucks are a common site on many Connecticut roads. These behemoths are an important part of the building industry and perform valuable work. However, their size and weight can also present a danger for motorists who drive much smaller automobiles and share the road with them. Recently, an accident on a local Connecticut road between a dump truck and an automobile has cost a Connecticut woman her life.

Bicycle helmets can help prevent traumatic brain injury

The return of spring weather means that many more Connecticut residents will be riding their bicycles. However, this increase in bicycle riders means that there is also an increased risk for bicycle accidents. A bicycle accident can result in serious injuries including traumatic brain injuries. One step that bicyclists can take to help minimize brain injuries is to always wear a helmet while riding.

Connecticut police end month of distracted driving crackdown

A distracted driver may not think that he or she is doing anything wrong, but any type of activity that prevents someone from totally focusing on the road is inherently dangerous. Distracted driving has led to countless motorcycle and automobile accidents throughout the state, and these crashes have resulted in motorists' deaths and passengers and drivers who wind up being seriously injured. Recently, Connecticut police departments have completed a month-long crackdown that they hope will raise the public's awareness about this important issue.

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