How can parents teach their children to avoid dog bites?

| Apr 7, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Many Connecticut residents love having a dog as a pet and many more families treat their pet as a family member. But it’s important to realize that all dogs are not as friendly as their owners. Because of this misconception, many Connecticut children receive dog bites every year and receive serious injuries as well. But what tips can parents pass onto their children to help them avoid dog bites?

One of the first things parents can teach their children to do is to avoid contact with a dog that they don’t know. Sometimes it’s very tempting for children to want to approach a stray dog that they think may need help. That’s dangerous however, and could result in a dog bite. Therefore, parents should always tell their children to never approach a dog with which they are unfamiliar. If they are concerned for the dog’s safety, they should contact their local animal control center and inform them about the stray dog.

Parents can also teach their children to quietly walk away from a dog who is behaving aggressively. However, if the dog charges them, parents should tell their children to act like a tree. That means that they should stand quietly with their hands held against their body while looking down at their feet. That way the dog will not think their actions are threatening. However, if the dog does knock them to the ground, they should cover their neck and their head with their arms and curl up into a ball.

Parents should also tell their children not to approach a dog that is laying in their bed or their crate since the dog considers this to be its territory. However, any Connecticut resident whose child has been bitten by a dog may want to speak with a personal injury attorney in order to discover if the owner of the dog was in any way responsible for the attack.

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