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April 2016 Archives

AAA report indicates that potholes are a national problem

As the weather warms, Connecticut motorists and motorcyclists know that they have to be especially vigilant while driving. That is because potholes that have been created by the repeated freezing and thawing on the roadways are once again a major hazard. And, according to a recent report by the Automobile Association of America (AAA), potholes have now become a major national problem.

How can one verify their bus company is safe?

It can be a lot of fun for a group of friends or a local club to hire a bus company to take them on a special day trip. Everyone gets to relax and not worry about getting to their destination. After all, a professional bus company has been hired to take care of that. But, how do Connecticut residents know if the bus company they hired has a clean safety record and not been involved in any fatal accidents?

Drowsy driving remains a serious problem on the road

Many Connecticut drivers have experienced that unpleasant feeling of nodding off for a moment only to jolt quickly awake and realize that they were about to go off the road. The brief shock scares them and they are usually able to drive safely away while realizing that they came perilously close to causing an accident. This type of behavior is called drowsy driving and, despite federal and state awareness campaigns, it remains a problem throughout the nation.

How can parents teach their children to avoid dog bites?

Many Connecticut residents love having a dog as a pet and many more families treat their pet as a family member. But it's important to realize that all dogs are not as friendly as their owners. Because of this misconception, many Connecticut children receive dog bites every year and receive serious injuries as well. But what tips can parents pass onto their children to help them avoid dog bites?

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