What components of a motorcycle need to be checked before riding?

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Most automobile drivers fail to perform a safety check on their vehicle before they take a trip. In fact, most just jump in their car, turn the ignition on and go. But, while this lack of preparation usually doesn’t affect their journey, the decision not to perform a safety check on a motorcycle before using it can be disastrous and could lead to a motorcycle accident. That’s because a motorcycle needs significantly more attention than a car. But, what types of safety checks should a motorcyclist perform on their bike before taking a trip?

The first thing that motorcyclists should check before getting on the road is their tires. Unlike a car, a motorcycle only has two tires, meaning that any problem with even one of them greatly magnifies the chances of losing control of the motorcycle. Motorcycles should be thoroughly checked for tire pressure, tread wear and tread depth.

Fluid level is also critical for motorcycles. Before taking a trip, a motorcyclist should check all oil and fluid levels. They should also check their coolant level and hydraulic fluid at least once a week. Motorcyclists should also check under their vehicle for signs of any kind of fluid leak.

The mirrors on a motorcycle are extremely important so they need to be checked as well. First and foremost, the mirrors should be adjusted to their proper location before leaving on a trip. This is because it’s much harder to adjust them while driving and adjusting them while riding is considered distracted driving. The mirrors should be clean and should also be positioned so that the driver can see the lane behind them and as much of the lane next to them as possible.

Motorcyclists should also check their clutch and throttle, their brakes and their fuel supply valve. However, any Connecticut motorcyclist who has been injured in an accident due to the negligence of someone else may want to speak with a personal injury attorney to discover if there are legal avenues that could be explored.

Source: ct.gov, “Motorcycle Operator Manual,” Accessed March 5, 2016

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