Driving behaviors that can trigger road rage events

| Mar 17, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Many Connecticut residents don’t realize the consequences of some types of driving behaviors. They blissfully motor along unaware that they may be inciting another driver to commit an act of road rage. Road rage is a significant problem on Connecticut roadways, and motorists need to make sure they are not contributing to the issue, either consciously or unconsciously. So, here are some behaviors that can trigger road rage events and possibly lead to fatal car accidents.

Lane blocking is one typical behavior that can lead to a road rage event. Lane blocking occurs when one driver moves into the passing lane of a road or highway and prevents other drivers from passing by driving far under the recommended speed limit. Usually the driver who is blocking a lane doesn’t even realize they are lane blocking. Drivers stuck behind this kind of driver usually flash their headlights in an attempt to get the lane blocker to move over, but, if that fails, emotions usually become heated and can potentially lead to trouble.

Overusing one’s car horn can also escalate into road rage. A car’s horn is a very important safety component of a vehicle, and its proper use can help prevent a fatal accident. However, a horn should never be used as a means of expressing a driver’s displeasure. If one driver needs to get the attention of another driver, then they should gently tap on the horn rather than lean heavily on it. Repeatedly pressing the horn can further stress out an already frazzled driver. This, in turn, can lead to violence.

Any Connecticut driver who has been injured in a road rage incident because of the negligence of another may want to speak with a personal injury attorney to find out what legal avenues are available to them.

Source: ct.gov, “Aggressive Driving and Road Rage,” Accessed March 12, 2016

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