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February 2016 Archives

Common wintertime hazards that property owners should be aware of

Wintertime conditions place additional stress on everyone's lives. Connecticut residents have to always remember to take extra precautions in order to avoid the hazards of winter, whether it's going out for a walk or getting in their car and taking a short drive. Property owners also need to be aware of the additional possible dangers that can exist on their property during the winter in order to avoid premises liability issues. So, here are some situations that can spell trouble for them.

Tanker truck and two cars involved in crash

Tanker trucks are an important part of American business. Every day, these behemoths bring much needed fuel and other valuable chemical products to thousands of businesses throughout the country. However, these vehicles can sometimes present a very real threat to other motorists. Unfortunately, two Connecticut residents found out just how dangerous tanker trucks can actually be.

Basic safety tips for driving on black ice

In the wintertime, far too many Connecticut drivers experience that awful sensation of feeling their cars slip and swerve on icy roadways. Thankfully, most motorists regain control of their car and proceed to their destination. But, for some, this slippage and swerving can cause fatal accidents. One of the culprits of an icy roadway is the condition known as black ice. So, here are a few driving tips from the American Automobile Association that can help motorists avoid sliding on roads coated with ice.

Road rage event morphs into robbery for local Connecticut man

Most Connecticut motorists have become frustrated with other drivers at one time or another. But, they know that responding to the illegal actions of another motorist can only make the situation worse and possibly lead to road rage. When drivers become involved in road rage, the incidents can potentially lead to fatal accidents. Recently, one Connecticut motorist was involved in an ugly road rage event that led to a violent encounter.

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