With winter comes an increase of slip-and-fall accidents

| Jan 7, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Hartford, Connecticut winters can be pretty brutal. Until last week, we here in the northeast have been spoiled when it comes to the weather. Enjoying record warm temperatures as late as Christmas and New Years may have spoiled us, as the week after New Years has slapped us with a strong dose of reality and freezing temperatures.

And with freezing temperatures comes — you guessed it – ice, as well as snow, slush and all the slippery things associated with winter weather. It goes without saying that with winter and all things slippery comes an increase in both accidents on the road as well as slip-and-fall accidents.

While businesses and property owners are required by law to maintain a safe environment for customers and guests, both welcome and unwelcome, the reality is that accidents do happen. Gravity is here to stay and slip-and-fall accidents do occur, especially with the return of winter and the conditions that the season presents. Property owners know of the risks associated with Connecticut winters and owe a duty to those using their property to maintain it in a safe manner. When they do not and an accident occurs, those injured may have a way to recover the costs they incur recovering from the unfortunate event.

Our firm covers many forms of accidents including but not limited to truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, wrongful deaths and slip-and-fall accidents. Victims of accidents, including slip-and-fall accidents may be entitled to compensation for not only medical and rehabilitation bills, but lost wages and even pain and suffering.

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