Reducing a business owner’s liability risk before a company party

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The 2015 holiday season is now in full swing and that usually means a lot of parties. Some of these parties are thrown by family and friends, while others can be organized by the companies that people work for. But any person or company who has a party in the state where alcohol is served must be wary of Connecticut’s dram shop law which allows anyone who has been injured by an intoxicated person to take legal action against the business or person who provided alcohol to that person. So here are some tips that can help reduce the premises liability risk for a business owner.

One of the first things a business owner can do is to remind employees attending the party to be responsible for their behavior. They can also send out an email or post flyers that remind people that they should restrict their drinking and never drink and then drive. A similar email can be send to the company’s executives reminding them to set an example for the other employees at the party.

Another good tip is to hold the party at a different location. By doing this, the restaurant owner may also be considered liable for any incident that occurs. But that doesn’t mean that the business owner is absolved of all responsibility. Typically, a business owner can still be named in any liability lawsuit for damages caused by one of its employees.

It’s also important for the business owner to provide alternative transportation for their employees. The employer should also make sure that their employees understand that transportation is available for them if they have consumed too much alcohol.

Connecticut’s dram shop law states that any person injured by an intoxicated person can seek up to $250,000 from the business or individual who provided the alcohol. However, any Connecticut resident who has been involved in a premises liability incident like this may want to speak with a personal injury attorney in order to explore all legal avenues.

Source:, “Limit the liability of your company holiday party: 10 ways to protect your business“, Accessed Nov. 28, 2015

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