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December 2015 Archives

Truck accidents are usually catastrophic; here's how they occur

Considering their sheer size and weight, especially when compared with a normal car, it is no wonder why drivers and passengers of cars typically end up on the wrong end of the deal when involved in a truck accident. Although not all accidents can be prevented, understanding the most common reasons for a truck accident may prevent an accident from occurring.

Tips that can help prevent a wintertime motorcycle accident

While many motorcycle riders put their bikes away during the winter, heartier motorcyclists continue to use their vehicles all year long. However, riding a motorcycle during the harsh winter months requires extra attention to many different details in order to prevent a motorcycle accident. So here are a few winter riding tips that can help keep motorcyclists safe.

Deadly Connecticut head-on crash claims lives of two children

Holidays traditionally mean packing up the family car and driving to another relative's home for holiday dinner. But local authorities always caution drivers to be aware of the increased number of drivers on the road this time of year and to be extra cautious. Unfortunately, tragedy has struck two families in Connecticut after a recent fatal accident claimed two young lives.

Number of traffic deaths rise for first half of 2015

Besides family parties and extensive shopping binges, the holiday season also means an increase in the number of people driving. This increase in drivers can sometimes also result in a rise in the number of fatal accidents on the road. Drivers need to be concerned about this holiday increase since recent data indicates that the initial months of 2015 saw a dramatic increase in the number of traffic deaths.

Reducing a business owner's liability risk before a company party

The 2015 holiday season is now in full swing and that usually means a lot of parties. Some of these parties are thrown by family and friends, while others can be organized by the companies that people work for. But any person or company who has a party in the state where alcohol is served must be wary of Connecticut's dram shop law which allows anyone who has been injured by an intoxicated person to take legal action against the business or person who provided alcohol to that person. So here are some tips that can help reduce the premises liability risk for a business owner.

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