Are treatments available for a traumatic brain injury?

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An unexpected accident can occur in Connecticut for a variety of reasons. When such an accident occurs, people can suffer from a variety of serious injuries. One of the most serious injuries that people can suffer is a traumatic brain injury. The brain is obviously an important organ in the human body since it controls so many aspects of a person’s life. When the brain is injured, it is important that people take all necessary steps for it to heal. People with traumatic brain injuries may be searching for more information about how this healing occurs.

The specific treatments available for treating traumatic brain injuries varies depending on the severity of the injury. If people suffer from a mild traumatic brain injury, people will often heal on their own. The doctor may monitor the situation, but rest and avoiding strenuous physical and cognitive activities is often ordered.

In cases of severe traumatic brain injuries, aggressive medical treatment may be necessary. In particular, several types of medication may be used to limit the damage to a person’s brain following a serious accident.

In some cases, a coma inducing drug may be necessary to protect brain function. In other cases, anti-seizure medication and diuretic medications may be ordered. Surgery may also be necessary to correct a traumatic brain injury. In these cases, it may be necessary to fix fractures in the skull or remove any clotted blood within the brain.

Once the initial risk of the traumatic brain injury has passed, a person may need some rehabilitation to fully recover from the injury. This could include physical and mental therapies, speech therapy, occupational therapy or other help.

This therapy and medical help is expensive. When a negligent person has caused a traumatic brain injury in another, but negligent person can be held responsible for the accident. In such cases, an attorney may be helpful in explaining an injured person’s legal rights.

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