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November 2015 Archives

Winter means a return of the ice missile law in Connecticut

The approach of winter in Connecticut means many things to many people, including holidays spent with loved ones. However, winter also means the return of treacherous weather, difficult driving conditions, and a return of the state's ice missile law.

How can pedestrians help prevent fatal accidents?

Many states, including Connecticut, have now introduced laws that require drivers to stop for pedestrians who are walking in clearly marked crosswalks. There are also many public service ads that are meant to increase driver awareness about the potential danger that motor vehicles present to pedestrians. But, what about the second half of this equation; are there also steps that pedestrians can take to help prevent fatal accidents?

Steps drivers can take to avoid accidents with pedestrians

While most Connecticut residents drive their vehicles every day, many are also pedestrians each day. Whether it's simply walking from the company parking lot into the office or crossing the street to go shopping, there are times every day that people must negotiate with vehicle traffic. Both drivers and pedestrians need to be cautious so that they can avoid an accident that could potentially have devastating consequences. So here are some common sense steps that drivers can take in order to avoid injurious and fatal accidents that involve pedestrians.

Are treatments available for a traumatic brain injury?

An unexpected accident can occur in Connecticut for a variety of reasons. When such an accident occurs, people can suffer from a variety of serious injuries. One of the most serious injuries that people can suffer is a traumatic brain injury. The brain is obviously an important organ in the human body since it controls so many aspects of a person's life. When the brain is injured, it is important that people take all necessary steps for it to heal. People with traumatic brain injuries may be searching for more information about how this healing occurs.

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